Hey there!
I’m Luis

If you run a website for your business, I’m your guy.

I’m a Web Development Consultant focused on helping Small Business Owners.

With two decades of experience under my belt, I have a robust understanding of website development. From hand-coding to working with diverse frameworks, I’ve been in the trenches as a full-stack developer and helmed projects as a web development manager.

I’m comfortable with many workflows, languages, and frameworks, but I’ve a special soft spot for content-heavy sites.

Case Study: Multinational Multi-site Network Development for Stellantis

Check out the work I did (and still do!) for several car brands in the Stellantis family, along with the CRON team.

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How can I can help you today?

Website Maintenance and Optimization

If your existing website needs a little TLC, I’m here to help. I’ll begin with a thorough evaluation of your current site, followed by devising a strategy for regular improvements. This includes design upgrades, technology recommendations, content crafting, and new feature development.

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Project planning and management

Consider me your trustworthy sidekick for your projects. Leveraging my extensive experience, I can guide you in choosing a technology stack, strategizing your project, and even assist in evaluating prospects for your new development team. From inception to completion, I’ll be there to ensure your project sails smoothly.

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Full stack web development

Whether you need a website built from the ground up, a revamp, or reengineering, I’ve got your back. Be it frontend or backend, content-heavy sites, or web applications, just reach out and let’s see how I can assist you.

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International Web Teams Coordination

✨ Big deal!

Having helped coordinate development teams across continents – from Chile and Latin America to the US, India, France, and Italy, I understand the nuances of different business cultures, communication styles, and expectations. If your project requires adept handling of separate international teams, I’m your guy. Plus, with native fluency in Spanish and near-native proficiency in English, I can also play the role of a liaison/interpreter between teams on meetings.

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Small Business Websites

✨ Big deal!

Specialized in empowering small businesses, I understand your unique challenges and tailor my web development services to fit your needs. From creating an impactful web presence to optimizing for growth, integrating CRM systems, and setting up multilingual options, I provide effective, budget-friendly solutions. No project is too small, and every business deserves a robust web presence. Let’s amplify your digital footprint together.

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Multilingual websites/localization

Ready to go global with your website? I can transform your existing site into a multilingual hub by exploring options suited to your technology stack. Plus, I can assist with translations directly or coordinate a dedicated team to get the job done.

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API integrations

Over the years, I’ve assisted numerous clients in integrating their websites with custom in-house CRM systems, helping them capture leads from frontend forms and process them as per their needs. If you need help with API integrations for data reading and storage, especially when you don’t have a development team on hand, you can count on me.

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I’m familiar with many workflows. My specialty is the LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. I have extensive WordPress experience, creating classic front-end themes, the new block-based themes, and plugins for custom functionality. I’ve also worked with Laravel and just plain old PHP for small projects.

On the frontend, I have experience in Vanilla Javascript, jQuery, and the Vue.js framework. On Vue I can also work with Nuxt for those special projects that need it.

I have experience integrating several APIs, including REST, SOAP and SAP. I know it’s a pain sometimes to work with some inconsistent or poorly documented APIs. I’m here to relieve you of that burden.

On the cloud side I’ve worked with Firebase, for fast, responsive data driven sites or apps.